What causes tangling and matting in raw unprocessed hair extensions?

Tangling and matting can occur due to various reasons. Raw unprocessed hair extensions lack the heavy silicone coatings used in processed hair, making them more susceptible to tangling. Factors like lack of proper care, excessive heat styling, inadequate conditioning, or neglect can contribute to tangling and matting. It's essential to handle these extensions with care.


Please follow these steps to ensure the best experience with our raw extensions: 


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Our raw 100% unprocessed hair is highly sought after by celebrity hairstylists, clients and influencers alike. Our virgin 100% human hair is perfect for the high maintenance babe looking for low maintenance hair extensions.

Raw hair is a great investment for women who have a signature hairstyle.

Lux Life Label raw hair is single donor unprocessed hair. Sourced from South East Asia, it is simply the purest hair currently available on the market.

Benefits of Investing in Raw Hair:

  • purest form of hair on the hair market 
  • can bleach to 613 and can be dyed to match any leave out 
  • maintains its integrity for 4 years (with proper maintenance and care)
  • blends seamlessly with textured hair 
  • very versatile with styling: you can curl and straighten the hair as you would your natural hair