Managing Raw Hair Extensions

Managing Raw Hair Extensions

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Just like your natural hair, hair extensions can go through shedding. Shedding happens when individual strands of hair are pulled out of the weft or move away from the installation method, whether it's clips, tapes, or other techniques. Shedding is typical for extensions made from human hair, especially if they're not sewn tightly to the weft. However, there are ways to minimize this occurrence and maintain the quality of your extensions.

1. **Handle with Care During Washing:** Treat your extensions gently, just like you would your own hair. Avoid pulling, tugging, or twisting the hair while washing. Additionally, refrain from using a regular brush on wet hair, as this can increase shedding.

2. **Experiment with Washing Methods:** Consider using sulfate-free shampoos, as they are more delicate on the hair and prevent sticky residues. Another technique some extension wearers find effective is the "co-wash" method, using conditioner alone to clean the hair.

3. **Seal the Weft:** You might be able to strengthen the weft and reduce shedding by sealing it. Special glues can be employed for this purpose to add reinforcement.

4. **Nighttime Hair Care:** Protect your extensions while sleeping by tying your hair into a braid or bun. This helps reduce friction and minimizes potential damage caused by tossing and turning during the night.

Shedding is a natural occurrence for human hair extensions. Implementing these tips can help mitigate shedding and preserve the quality and lifespan of your extensions, allowing you to enjoy them for longer periods with the proper care.

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